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Mummy of Tasheriteniset

Mummy of Tasheriteniset with mummy mask and other cartonnage elements, also with garland of plants

Period: Ptolemaic Period
Date: 305–30 B.C.
Geography: From Egypt, Middle Egypt, Asyut (Assiut, Siut; Lykopolis)
Medium: Human Remains, linen, cartonnage, paint, gold leaf, plant remains
Dimensions: L. 145.2 cm (57 5/16 in.)
Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1912
Accession Number: 12.182.48a
 This mummy belongs to the woman Tasheriteniset. Her mummy has a painted cartonnage mask and foot covering, and there are garlands on her chest. Her mummy mask features the depiction of earrings and of a headband with a golden wedjat eye amulet.
Met Museum

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