jueves, 16 de julio de 2015

mummy of a female

The mummy of a female who was approximately nineteen years old when she died. The external bandages are worn and discoloured, the contours of the head and body were modelled before the external wrappings were applied and the eyes and mouth were painted on. Each digit was wrapped seperately and those bandages on the feet were arranged to imitate sandals.The forehead is encircled by a linen fillet which leaves the shaven crown of the head exposed, traces of rosette and feather patterns still remain on a wide belt of painted linen at the waist. A framework of palm-fibre tightly bound with linen thread hangs around the neck threaded with small amulets, some of which are missing but those that remain are of wood and still retain traces of gilding.

Present location LIVERPOOL MUSEUM [03/061] LIVERPOOL
Inventory number M13997
Archaeological Site UNKNOWN

Bibliography•Piotr Bienkowski and Angela Tooley., Gifts of The Nile: Ancient Egyptian Arts and Crafts in Liverpool Museum., 1995., 68; pl.104.
•P.H.K Gray and Dorothy Slow., Egyptian Mummies in the City of Liverpool Museums., 1968., 10-16 & 72-74.


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