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Mummy of Tuthmosis the Second

Mummy of Tuthmosis the Second
Tuthmosis the Second was the son of Tuthmosis the First and Mutnefert. He succeeded his father and married his half-sister Hatshepsut. Except for a military campaign against Nubia, little is known of his reign, which lasted for about ten years.
His mummy was presumably violated by tomb robbers. Therefore it was moved to the Deir el-Bahari Cachette, where it was rewrapped and restored. The king, like the other pharaohs, has his hands crossed over his chest, in a pose that continued to be followed in mummies of kings for many generations. X-ray analysis shows that he died in his thirties.
Scabrous patches, rather than a disease, covered his skin, perhaps because of the embalming process. His right leg was completely broken away from the body. Unlike the other royal mummies, his fingers and toe nails were trimmed and clean.
Present location EGYPTIAN MUSEUM [01/001] CAIRO EM
Inventory number JE 26212
Archaeological Site DEIR EL-BAHARI
Material ORGANIC
Height 168.4 cm

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