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TT277, the tomb of Ameneminet .

seated on the throne "Amon-Horakhty, the great god, master of the sky, master of the Maat"; the right hand grasps a sign of life, whilst the left brandishes a was-scepter. On the head of the falcon is a solar disk (red originally). Behind the god, is found the goddess "Isis, mistress of the Ma'at"; she could have been confused with Hathor since she carries on her head a pair of horns of cows surrounding a solar disk which was originally red. Again, a monopodale table supports the usual offerings. The character in worship is again Ameneminet, followed by his wife and by a teenager. The accompanying text identifies them: "For the Ka of the Osiris, the lector priest of Ptah, Ameneminet, (for) the lady Tiy. His son, the wab-priest of Ptah, Kenamon, just for voice".

 TT277, the tomb of Ameneminet .


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