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Child mummy

Child mummy
The mummy of a young boy of about two years old, elaborately wrapped in a series of narrow linen bandages. Flinders Petrie described this as the most perfect example of the complex system of diagonal winding, it is completely regular over the entire body. The colours of the bandages have now faded but the thirteen layers were once red, white, gilt, blue and brown, no studs were required to hold them in place. There is a portrait of the child inserted into the ban...dages, unfortunately badly damaged but originally fine, it is probable that the damage occurred during the time between preparation of the mummy and the actual burial. X-rays revealed the presence of an amulet, probably metallic, lying on the tongue, another amulet laying over the genitalia.
Present location LIVERPOOL MUSEUM [03/061] LIVERPOOL
Inventory number
Archaeological Site HAWWARA
Height 89.3 cm
Bibliography•Piotr Bienkowski and Angela Tooley., Gifts of The Nile: Ancient Egyptian Arts and Crafts in Liverpool Museum., 1995., 69; pl.105.
•P.H.K Gray and Dorothy Slow., Egyptian Mummies in the City of Liverpool Museums., 1968., 28-32.

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