jueves, 27 de octubre de 2016

head of an Egyptian dog

Origin: Egypt,
Material: Mummy
Physical: 17cm. (6.6 in.) - 325 g. (11.5 oz.)
Catalog: APR.LL.00982
This is the mummified head of an Egyptian dog, which may have been a household pet. The linen wrappings are intact, carefully draped and stitched to suggest the eyes and mouth of the animal. The iris of the eye is marked with black pigment. Similar embalming techniques can be seen on a Roman Era dog mummy at the British Museum (EA 6743).
The bitumen sealing the neck indicates that this is not a fragment from a whole dog mummy, but rather that the owner only had the head mummified.
Date undetermined. Formerly part of the collection of Viscountess Dalton.

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