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The well-preserved adult male mummy of Nesmin, son of Ankh-hap, from Akhmim. The outer wrappings of the mummy are covered in a layer of blackened resin, damaged at the feet, the mummy itself is very solid and heavy. Beautifully coloured panels of cartonnage lie across the length of the body, depicting winged goddesses, lotus flowers, vignettes and rosette patterns (see images).The face is covered with a finely worked gilded mask and wig.
The body cavities appear to be empty except for a layer of resin and an opaque, cylindrical mass in the left hypochondrium. A second opaque mass seems to be a linen swab impregnated with resin which covers the embalming incision. The arms are folded on the breast, left fingers clenched, right extended.
Originally part of the private collection belonging to the author H. Rider Haggard, presented to the Castle Museum, Norwich, in 1926 by his brother, Colonel Andrew Haggard. This was then part of the collection purchased in 1956 by the City of Liverpool Museum.
The mummy of Ankh-Hap, father of Nesmin, is at the Roemer- und Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim.
A publication is currently in preparation by Denise Parkinson, on the life of H. Rider Haggard, his travels and subsequent collections.
In particularly good condition.

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