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Human mummy

Human mummy
The mummy is completely enveloped in cloth on which a pattern of pearls has been sewn in the form of lozanges. Over the head a relatively flat mask has been placed on which a face, a wig and a part of a necklace have been painted. The chest is covered by a large pectoral with clasps in the form of a falcon's head. The lower part of the body is adorned by the image of a winged <A HREF="God">goddess</A> which represents Nephthys. The motif of the fourth scene is composed of a djed-pillar which is adored by Isis and Nephthys and the four Sons of Horus. The feet are concealed in a sheath on which the god Anubis, perched on his shrine, has been drawn. The bottom presents two simple soles.
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