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La momia del University College

La momia del University College Cork
Shrouded in mystery

By Niamh Hennessy

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A 3,000-YEAR-OLD Egyptian mummy which was once hidden under the floorboards at University College Cork (UCC) is at the centre of an investigation by Egyptian authorities.

The male mummy is now located at the Boole Library at UCC but is not on public display.

A spokesman from the Egyptian Embassy in Dublin said they are aware of the mummy at UCC and are in discussions with the university on the matter.

He said they are waiting to have the mummy assessed by an expert or somebody at the embassy. He also said that, once the assessment is completed, they will then decide if it will be returned to Egypt or stay in UCC.

"It is in the early stages and it will depend on the assessment," he said.

The Giza Museum is set to open in Egypt in 2013 and is expected to be the largest archaeological museum in the world. Egyptian authorities are understood to be evaluating artefacts worldwide with a view to securing them for the museum. It will be located 2km from the pyramids.

A spokeswoman for UCC confirmed that the university is in contact with the Embassy of Egypt about UCC’s "small Egyptian collection".

"UCC supports Egypt’s care of their heritage and the university has initiated a discussion concerning the possibility of the development of a strategic relationship with the Embassy of Egypt in this context," she said.

UCC curator Michael Holland said: "UCC looks forward to discussing the matter of proposed relationships between Egypt and cultural and academic institutions such as UCC, and with similar institutions in Egypt."

The mummy was found at the college in 1903. It is not known how it came to the college as there is no record of its delivery.

However, in the early 1900s it was illegal to export mummified remains from Egypt, which could explain the lack of records on its delivery.

According to research done by UCC staff member Helen Moloney Davis, an assistant in pathology at the college, Dr Mary O’Donovan told Ms Davis that the mummy was from an unidentified source and in order to suppress awkward questions about it, her husband hid it under the floorboards at the pathology lecture theatre some time during the 1950s.

Structural work at the pathology department in 1970 resulted in the mummy and the coffin being moved to the Lee Maltings area of UCC and in 1988 they were moved to the Boole Library.

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Egyptian mummy in Booble Library of the University College Cork

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Cork is in talks with the Egyptian embassy regarding the conservation of an ancient mummy found at the university during reconstruction work in 1970. The mummy located at the university in Cork, which has been dated to the period 305-30BC, was found hidden under the floorboards in the pathology department at UCC during reconstruction work in 1970 but mystery surrounds how the mummy and a coffin came to the Cork university.

The mummy is stored in the Boole Library with other items in its small collection of Egyptian artefacts. Mr Holland said the collection also included a coffin and canopic jars used during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife but that the jars in the university collection were empty.

The collection, acquired by the university in the late 19th or early 20th century when it was Queen’s College Cork, has been the subject of inquiries from the embassy as Egypt seeks the repatriation of artefacts for a new museum.

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