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Resuelto el caso de Norfolk

Archaeologist Becomes Sherlock Homes To Solve Medieval Mystery
By Stephen Russell

Giles Emery an archaeologist from Norfolk, Uk will use the latest forensic methods to solve a macabre medieval mystery that has stuck in his mind for over 7 years

A medieval mystery in Norfolk, UK, that has remained unsolved for nearly 10 years might finally be close to been resolved. Giles Emery an archaeologist from Norfolk Archeological Unit, has decided to play Sherlock Homes and solve the gruesome mystery of 17 bodies including 11 children who were found at the bottom of a medieval well as workers dug foundations for a local shopping centre. Giles Emery was the archaeologist tasked in 2004 with the horrible task of removing them. Giles alway was curious to discover not only how they died but why they came to be thrown down a well in such a disrespectful manner

Now, seven years later, he is being given a chance by the BBC and their archaeological program History Cold Cases to finally find exactly who the people were and how they met their death

Giles described the moment that the bodies were found and the surprise it caused: “We were about four or five metres down. That’s why they were such a surprise, because you don’t normally work at that depth.

“They were a real jumble. Because they were at the bottom of a well and over time they’d just compressed down.They were definitely medieval, they probably pre-date the Black Death,” . He remembers that he could not explain why or how these bodies could have got here and was a mystery that always stayed in his mind

“It’s been forgotten about all this time, 600 or 700 years, and we come along. That’s archaeology, bringing things back to life.” He hopes to find out through DNA testing if they were all related, and has a hunch that they may have been visitors from outside of the area.

Celi Fowler, who produces History Cold Cases said that he hope they would be able to help Giles piece together the background and lifestyles of the people and finally find out how they met their end. To enable this to happen forensic testing will be carried out on each body to look at development, diet and visual form of injuries on them. In addition they will as undertake carbon dating, some CT scanning, which might show up trauma. A key component of the investigation is carrying out facial reconstruction.

Archnews will keep you informed of the final results of this investigation and hope Giles will get the answers require to finally solve this mystery

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